"A Christian should be an Alleluia from head to foot." - St. Augustine
I'm about 12% Alleluia on any given day, but I'm working on it.

Yes, I Worry About Socialization

I am going to violate the sacred, unspoken trust that exists among all homeschoolers, everywhere, at least the imaginary ones who populate my Internet. I am going to admit to something so profoundly unsettling that it will rock … [Continue reading]

So Much For Stickball Why I Changed My Mind About Kids' Sports

You hear a lot of crazy stories about kids' sports. Parents who are living out their own dreams through their kids, elite leagues for the super-gifted-tee-ballers, grandmas arrested for noise violations at the soccer championships. It's not that I … [Continue reading]

Feeling a little less share-y


I've been getting a lot of emails lately that start with "where are you, you seem really busy" and that makes me feel bad, but it's also true. Like, right now, I feel a little guilty about posting anything, because I have people waiting on me to … [Continue reading]

Seven Quick Takes: Posts I Haven’t Made Time to Write

I just have a few minutes because I need to make the cookie cake for the Little League party before I take the kids to swim team now that we've gotten back from the orthodontist and figured out which library books are the source of the "third strong … [Continue reading]

THE PINISHERS, Volume 4: Family

Sew your own bow ties

Hello again, Pinishers! We are getting into a groove here, aren't we? We are not going to let the month of May and its constant family-related events and end-of-school-year ceremonies get in the way of our quest. Our quest...to actually do something … [Continue reading]

Blessed Are the Meek ~ New Books from Kathleen Basi and Elizabeth Scalia Challenge us to Be Humble

Elizabeth Scalia - Strange Gods

Two new titles from Ligouri Publications and Ave Maria Press explore the many things that get in the way of God, and how humility is the bedrock of the virtues that draw us to Christ. Often, perhaps most of the time, those whose faith strikes us … [Continue reading]