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Catholic schoolin’ since back in the day

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m a writer and web developer living outside of Houston. I have a Master of Arts in teaching degree, but that does not necessarily make me an expert…on anything. Certainly not on household organization, let me tell you that much.

About ten years ago, I applied for a job teaching history at a fledgling Catholic high school. They asked me if I wanted to teach religion instead, and just like that, I became the entire religion department. It was an epic adventure, which I blogged here as “Anonymous Teacher Person” while figuring my way through four different grades’ worth of curriculum. I learned a lot during that process and I try to pass along what I can.

I’m back at home now with my kiddos, teaching religious ed. and attempting to homeschool despite my inherent desire to talk to grownups.

Aside from my duties here at Scrutinies, I can be found writing writerly things elsewhere.

I’m the Web Editor for Dappled Things, a quarterly journal of ideas, art, and faith.

My “Catechist Chat” series also shows up at Amazing Catechists, where I am a regular columnist.

It has been rumored that I am associated with the crew over at Korrektiv.