Resources for Catechists

Here’s a running list of downloadable goodies for catechists and classroom teachers.

Generic review games, lesson plans, and other ideas:

These can easily be customized for whatever grade level you’re working with:

Bingo Review Game: downloadable template and the post explaining the Bingo review game rules.

Printable privilege passes – great rewards for in the classroom. There’s a blank version and one that already has “privileges” listed.

“Challenger” game explanation – I use this game frequently to teach material as well as to review it. The instructions are pretty detailed, but that’s because I have learned over time what works best. You can also print out the Challenger rules to run off for your students’ use.

Classroom management/organization:

I love cooperative learning, and I hate making groups. You, too? Okay, just take these premade groups, change the fake student names, and sort based on the size of group you need. I’ve already sorted them so that kids won’t keep working with the same partners. More class sizes to come.

Premade cooperative groups, sorted in a downloadable spreadsheet – class of 16
Same thing as a PDF you can print out

Lesson plans – Scripture

Here’s the Challenger game for a unit on the Exodus-Conquest periods of salvation history.
Exodus- Conquest Study questions
Summary of Exodus-Conquest
Exodus-Conquest study questions and answers (printable to use with Challenger game)
Exodus-Conquest questions (to cut into strips for Challenger game)
Exodus-Conquest answer key

Comparing the book of Jonah to the VeggieTales (PM) movie – three-page assignment. The first two pages are for high school/middle school students, and the last page is the same assignment modified for elementary school students.

I’ll update this page frequently, so be sure to bookmark it! The Catechist Chat series of blog posts offers advice, activities, and lesson plans for catechists, so please check it out if you found these resources to be helpful. You can also follow the Catechist Chat series on Facebook for updates about lesson ideas and more.