Coming Soon: This Link-Up is for Pinishers

Are you experiencing feelings of inadequacy, envy, or fatigue when visiting Pinterest?

Have you muttered, silently or aloud, about the vast Mason jar conspiracy that beats at the heart of the craft industry?

Do you find it difficult to enjoy everyday experiences because you remember seeing better versions onscreen? Does the phrase “Christmas baking” bring on night terrors? Did you ever want to just throw in the owl-crochet-bedazzled guest towel and walk away?

It’s time to step into the light. Spend less time planning and more time doing. Lower your standards, which is key to self-esteem. At least for me. When it comes to projects. Or housekeeping. Or—well, anyway, lower your standards.

In short: become a Pinisher.

What is a Pinisher, you ask, aside from a person who cannot spell the name of the movie “The Punisher?”

Simply put, you become a Pinisher by taking one small step towards actually doing something you bookmarked on Pinterest. Whether it’s finally visiting those Seven Magical Destinations for Aerial Manatee Surveillance, or Mod Podging the Children, choose ONE item to attempt, and report back.

The key to Pinishing is embracing imperfection. For example: I am not going to obsess about the kerning on the “Pinisher” button, even though it needs fixing, because at least I finally got around to starting this link-up I was talking about on Facebook back in 2012. See—I lead by example.

Pinisher blog link-up schedule

Tuesdays Are For Pinishers

Here’s how this will work. Every Tuesday will be a Pinisher Party. We’ll follow a rough schedule of umbrella topics. We’re starting next Tuesday (April 30) and the first topic is FOOD.

What do I mean by “low standards?” Well, my first post will probably be about how I bought an avocado after I tested it for freshness by popping off the little jobby at the bottom where it used to be attached to the stem, and checking to see if it was green. Except I can’t find that pin anymore, which means maybe I’ll try rinsing berries with vinegar instead. Regardless: it will be simple.

General Guidelines:

  • Choose something you’ve pinned, write a blog post about your experience trying it out, and link back here.
  • If you don’t have a blog, you can chime in on the Facebook page for Scrutinies, posting a photo and your comments on how it all went down. Good, bad, ugly, it don’t matter. The point is: you tried. You are a Pinisher!
  • Pinterest can be of great benefit to the bloggers who post original ideas to be shared, but not if we’re all just linking back to Pinterest. So your post should include the URL to the original site where you found the idea, not just to the pin. If you want to also include a link to your own Pinterest profile, that’s great, too, because then we can find each other. Together, we can GET THINGS PINISHED.
  • When the day of our Pincomplishments arrives (meaning: Tuesday April 30 for the first link-up), I’ll post code that will let you include a special “Pinisher” badge in your own post, if you want.
  • OR NOT. Pinishers value their freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions That I Am Making Up:

Does it have to be a funny “this project was FULL OF FAIL?” post?

No. There are already several hilarious sites out there collecting stories of good intentions gone horribly awry.

I believe there’s a sweet spot between utter perfection and abject failure, and that is where creativity resides. I genuinely want to encourage you to try some of the cool stuff you’ve been thinking about, and perhaps put your own unique spin on it. So this will be a celebration of whatever comes of that process.

Having said that, you see that Week 5 in the rotation will have “FAIL!” as a theme because: everyone loves a good fondant-monster photo. There’s also “Why did I pin that?” for those pins that are so elaborate or costly that you can’t imagine why you ever thought you would try it.

Can I go find something I already know how to do and pin it just so I can participate?

Of course! You can even pin your own post about that one recipe you remembered to take pictures of. This is a hippie-dippie, everyone’s-a-winner kind of gig.

Can I post about the same project more than once?

Absolutely. You can stretch the week’s theme however you like so that it vaguely connects to your project. For example, this cushion thing I need to finish will probably be characterized as “food” for the soul that my “home” needs and thus I will be going on a sewing “adventure” so that my “family” has a place to sit in the family room since the couch is covered with Legos. Hoping it won’t end up in the “fail” category, too.

Did you think you had more Frequently Asked Questions when you started making this list, blog author?

Yes. Yes, I did.

Wait! I just remembered another question. Is this just for chicks?

Gosh, imaginary Internet questioner, you certainly are close-minded. There are lots of dudes on Pinterest. Right? I guess? Regardless – there will be an especially masculine version of the badge just for the testosterone-inclined among us:

Pinisher badge

What if I’m not on Pinterest?

No problemo. You can still participate. In fact, nobody is really going to know you’re not on Pinterest, since the point is to link back to the ORIGINAL SITE with the idea you’re trying out. Surely you still have projects you’ve been putting off. Or is it only the people who spend their time pinning projects who never have time to complete projects?

That—couldn’t possibly be the case.

Okay, so: stay tuned, and start looking back at those pins you once spent at least five seconds considering before you clicked on them. Ask any other questions in the comments!

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  1. says

    I’m always sending America’s Test Kitchen recipes to my Kindle. Then I say to my wife: hey, I saw this great recipe today. Actually, she’s made the German Chocolate Cake 3 times— it’s becoming her signature dish.

  2. says

    ooh, ooh, I have a question: does the pincomplishment need to be within the previous week of the linkup date? Or can we feature something we pinished back in the mists of time?

    • says

      THERE ARE NO RULES. The pincomplishment can be from any point in your history. Second grade, high school, three weeks ago, doesn’t matter. I think it will be more fun if we’re all in the habit of trying new things, but at the same time I know there’s no way I can sustain this if I am forced to do something every single week.

  3. says

    Dorian – you are too funny. This is a linkup just made for me. Ha ha. I pin things all the time without much intention to actually do anything with them, except for some of the food stuff. This might just make me try a few. Can’t wait.

  4. Barbara says

    Dorian, you never cease to amaze me! I LOVE this idea – and I am IN love with the word “pinisher”. I am going to invite all my friends to join us in this adventure. And nancyo I am totally stealing the word “pincomplishment” too!! So, exciting!

    • says

      The only credit I can take for “pincomplishment” is remembering it – the actual word was coined by Dorian back in 2012!

  5. RCT says

    It is my sincere hope that your “Tuesday is for Pinishers” tag line is a riff on Alec Baldwin’s character in Glengarry Glen Ross… “Put. That. Coffee. Down. Coffee is for closers.”

  6. Sharon-anne says

    Uh oh. I want in. But now I need to figure out which blog to post my pincomplishments on. YOU CONTINUE TO VEX ME, DORIAN SPEED!

  7. says

    I love this idea! I’m not on Pinterest, and I don’t have any website-inspired projects to blog about, but I’m definitely following along. Perhaps the swell of pinnishing victories will inspire me in my big project of: Organize/Decluter/Purge The Garage. Osmosis.

  8. says

    I forgot about Pinterest about a week after I signed up, but I’ll be watching this because I’m very curious as to whether washing your strawberries with vinegar actually makes them stay fresh for weeks.

  9. says

    I helped coin the name with you Dorian, back in the day and thank you for the invite but other than that I’m not a Pstarter let alone a Pinisher. I’ve been posting a new painting portrait a day on my blog for a while now and have 40 to do altogether but they aren’t on theme (any of the themes) and I do have a Pinthing account I have not used it. I post updates to FB, G+ and T so I suppose I could add P. I dunno. Regardless, I am sure your cool and creative idea will take off with treu pinache.

  10. GeekLady says

    I was totally going to make my first test batch of kolache today… but I didn’t. Both because yesterday I overdid things a little at work… and because today, in the weeklong war of antibiotics vs. probiotics, the antibiotics won. Ugh.

    • says

      First off, I commend you on your lovely Gravatar. It’s new, isn’t it?

      Second, sorry to hear you are feeling cruddy.

      Third – you have all WEEK to link up, so should the Kolache Muse come calling in the next couple of days, heed her siren call and join the Pinishers. There are dozens of us. DOZENS.


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