A Wallflower at the Opinion Dance

I just want to put it out there that I have nothing original or insightful to say about Pope Francis.

I had this post teed up that included an annoying SNL sketch and took a firm, but vague stance on the question of having opinions about popes, but after waiting for a few hours to let it simmer in my Drafts folder I decided it was pretty pointless.

I quite like our new pope, just as I quite liked our previous one, and I suppose I could go read a bunch of other people’s opinions in order to have an opinion of my own to blog about, but I think I’m happier over here by the punch bowl.

Maybe it’s because I threw my entire self at the computer (not as successful a tactic as you might imagine) for a few weeks in order to make the website*, promote the website, read all websites everywhere, live updates on Facebook, tweeting, typing, scanning. Now I keep reading but it somehow feels like when branches of the family are fighting and you’re just hoping it will all cool down. It’s not that I didn’t expect people would be instantly jumping to compare Francis with Benedict.  I did. But it still stresses me out. I jump when I hear the phrase “news cycle.” (I hear it in my head, not from my children, who are busy asking me about words they learned from Pearls Before Swine.)

Having shared this with the ether, I now give myself permission to blog about Failure to Gluten Free and other workaday, insignificant matters, or even to go on hiatus.

Here is a picture I took of a squirrel:


*ElectingThePope.net is going to morph into a more general “why Catholics do stuff” site, but not for a couple of weeks, as I’m super-behind on other projects.

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  1. says

    Dorian, cracked me up.

    I do have another post coming myself to add to my others -which understandably you may not have read, though one is simply a call for balance and to stop the craziness but another is one that links early thoughts and actions of our Holy Father to some growth in my own journey, as in, nice serendipitous timing Holy Spirit (at least I think it was him though it may have been a squirrel).

    You notice as an act of charity (my first for the day) I did not link directly to my posts in your comments.

  2. says

    I know exactly how you feel, except that the Papal Opinion Dance resembles a bar brawl or bad family reunion at times. The infighting is nearly giving me a case of the vapors. I keep finding papal transition fun facts, so those have gone into my Quick Takes for the past 2 weeks. Love the squirrel!

  3. says

    Do you mean that life goes on somewhere besides the Vatican? Yes, I can relate.
    Holy Week is coming and it is a little different with a new pope. Let’s put our heart and soul into making the rest of Lent focus on our relationships with Jesus, thankful that we have a Pope Francis safely installed in Rome.