Theme Thursday: Hats or Scarves. Or Helmets.

Sneaking in under the wire for the latest Clan Donaldson photography link-up, the theme being “Hats or Scarves.”

I know that many a snowbound reader will shake frostbitten fists at the screen upon seeing this picture of 70-degree weather, but trust me – we will have several months of Texas fireweather starting soon. We have to seize these days before the sun begins to actively fry our hides when we step outside.

So, here’s Little League tryouts:


I am proud of this photo for two reasons.

1. My son has never played baseball before, and in fact hasn’t played a team sport since Pee Wee soccer as a three-year-old. He didn’t exactly ask to play this year, so much as grudgingly assent to his parents’ semi-forcing him to try it.

I don’t like to write about my children that much once they get older – it feels invasive to try to get inside their heads and then share that with the world. (I also want to hedge my bets for when they all someday get book deals to write about their harridan mother.) So I guess all I’ll say is that I completely recognized his nervousness about trying out, the fear not so much of failure as of not knowing what to do, and I was really proud of him for overcoming that.

In hindsight, I wish we’d had him try a sport a couple of years ago, because he’s almost at the age where the real standouts start to leave the rest of the kids in the dust. But we spent this week going to the batting cages and emailing the coach to make sure we had all of the gear, doing everything we could to be ready. And he did just fine. The coaches knew he hadn’t played before and it wasn’t a big deal. He was beaming and telling all sorts of corny jokes at dinner, which is how I know he was proud of himself.

They find out next week which teams they’re on.

2. I took this picture in manual mode and lived to tell the tale. I think I need something up from the kit lens to be doing sports photos at night, but that ain’t happening anytime soon. I downloaded a copy of my camera’s manual to my phone, so I could quickly search through to find the right settings for taking these photos. Not that this is some great picture, but it’s way better than the ones I took where I was just randomly trying different settings.

Stop by Cari’s to see more great photos, including an amazing shot of her husband, who appears to be the barrister scion of England’s oldest family, ready to do what it takes to hold the financial industry accountable for what it has done. I may be projecting.

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for articulating what I fumble with when asked why I don’t write more about my older kids. That’s spot on.

    Also, you can download the camera manual to the phone? That is awesome.

    Also, also, the picture is great- low light conditions coupled with action? You more than rose to the challenge.

    Wife of a humble barrister scion of England’s oldest family, ready to do what it takes to hold the financial industry accountable for what it has done.