Answering questions about the upcoming papal election ~ A New Website Project - Contributors Needed!

UPDATE: ELECTINGTHEPOPE.NET is now live! I’ll post more about it soon. Thanks for everyone who’s shared this information already!

I’m still working through my feelings about Pope Benedict’s resignation – disappointment, certainly, but also hope and a tremendous curiosity to see who will be our next Vicar of Christ.

Something I’ve noticed is that there aren’t a lot of great resources out there that explain the papacy in very simple terms. Granted, it is a complex institution, to say the least. But I’m thinking about this on behalf of the sixth grade teachers around the world who just thought to themselves, “that might be a interesting topic for a lesson plan.”

What’s needed is clear, concise information for people who may be interested in learning more about the papacy from a research standpoint. So, because I think websites solve all problems, I am making one.

Electing the Pope

The goal of this website will not be overt evangelization, although I personally think that dispelling myths and misunderstandings about the Church is itself a form of evangelization. I want this to be a site that a teacher in a public school classroom would feel comfortable sharing with students, or that a journalist could visit as an alternative to Wikipedia.

Contributors will write short responses (I’m thinking 1-4 paragraphs) to questions about the papal elections or other aspects of the papacy. You will also be asked to provide links to online sources or print publications that could be beneficial. At this time, I do not plan to open up comments on the site or to allow random submissions of questions, but I’m sure you can think of questions that people might have. I don’t see it as a huge time commitment.

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    I tried accessing the site with no luck. Just wanted to let you know. Also, I can be the point person for my multi-contributor blog. Many of our contributors are great evangelists or apologists.


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      Ah – how did you try to access it? It doesn’t actually exist yet. Did you click on a link from an email? Just wondering if I accidentally linked to a not-finished site somewhere. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for signing up!

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        Thought I signed up for follow up emails! Just now seeing this. Everything seems resolved. I’ll be rolling this to my contributors today. Will you be giving out questions or what will the post format look like? Thanks!!