I feel pretty, and witty, and SHEENAZING

It’s a dream I’ve held since fourth grade: to finally be recognized as SHEENAZING. I credit, as always, my sweet dance moves.

My thanks, complete with pop-n-lock, to whomever nominated me in two categories for the Sheenazing Blogger Awards organized by Bonnie from A Knotted Life! Voting is open now through Thursday evening, with the timeline somewhat dependent upon whether or not “Person of Interest” is a rerun. I love a Catholic blog awards contest that keeps it real.

I’m nominated for Funniest Blog and Best Looking Blog; I credit the latter to my mastery of a smoky eye and 5-pound earrings.

Oh, yeah, I'm Sheenazing alright

I am realizing that the entire punchline setup for this blog post depends on your knowledge of who Sheena Easton is

As far as Funniest Blog, I totally know I am not going to win that category, either, but I shall submit a portfolio nonetheless. These posts from last year may or may not represent the average level of wacky hijinks around here on a daily basis:

Sheenazing Sheena Easton 1

What do you mean, you don’t have time to go back through my archives?

There are many terrific blogs nominated in several categories, and I encourage you to go forth and vote! Along with the categories I’m going to lose, there are also polls for Coolest Blogger (surprisingly, Sheena did not come through with a nomination for me in that one), Most Inspiring, Best Lifestyle Blog, Best Link-Up EVAH, Best Underappreciated Blog, Best Mommy Blog, Smartest Blog, Blog with the Best Memes, and Best Blog by a Catholic Man. Thanks to Bonnie for putting all of this together in honor of…wait a minute…

…it has come to my attention that I had the wrong Sheenazing celebrity. These awards are actually in honor of Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, known for using new forms of media (particularly television) to evangelize.


Sheenazing Sheena Easton 3

I am kind of amazed my mother let me listen to this song 500 times now that I read the lyrics. I thought it was about karate. “Strut, POW!”

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  1. says

    When I grow up I hope I can half as funny as you; and apply coral lipstick and the smokey eye with the same precision.
    I think a celebratory pop and lock routine is due via YouTube if you win. I know it would be a small consolation to me.

    • says


      2. I am consoled in my loss by the fact that I now will no longer live under the shadow of possibly having to post a GIF-able video of my pudgy suburban self trying to pop-n-lock.

  2. says

    You left out the post in which the baby does the humor routine about the ceiling fan. It’s been years, and we still quote that one. “The ceiling fan! Am I right?”

  3. says

    It is perplexing to me that Sheena Easton is complaining about being treated like a sex object in a video where she forgot to put her pants on.

  4. says

    I, too, was a Sheena Easton wannabe back in the day. There may be a cassette tape somewhere with me pretending to speak with her accent and then sing her song rather horribly. Ahh the good ole days. Good luck on your bloggy awards!