Wedding Dress to First Communion Dress – Who’s With Me?!

As I may have mentioned instead of actually sewing, I’m making my daughter’s First Communion dress from my wedding dress. (T minus 5 days.) (No pressure.) I’ve had help from my mother-in-law and next-door-neighbor, and I’d say it’s going well enough that I keep forgetting that I still need to deal with the hem and the beading. And get a veil. And buy her some shoes. And…

I’m happy to have discovered Kelly from This Ain’t the Lyceum thanks to a mention of this project in a Seven Quick Takes post. Kelly’s blog is witty and keeps it real, homeschooling-wise:

Quite a few homeschooling blogs tend to offer motivational advice; helpful quips to inspire you to aim high and achieve more. If you are feeling lazy and need a pick me up, I suggest you head somewhere else.  Like HEREHERE and HERE. Instead, I present you with my demotivational advice. You’re going to feel really good about where you are and there’s no pressure to do better.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Very nice to meet you, Kelly, and thanks for sharing these photos of your own wedding-dress-to-First-Communion-dress transformation:

Beaded wedding dress transformed into First Communion dress

Beautiful beading!

I must admit I’m in awe of her seamstress’ handiwork (the dress was transformed by her husband’s aunt). That delicate beadwork and embroidery is quite intimidating to me. I’m lucky in that my dress had a gigantic skirt of plain dupioni silk, perfect for cutting up into plain dress pieces. It also had the world’s most intimidating crinoline, one that allows the nearly-finished product to stand on its own two feet:

The crinoline of infinite strength holds up the dress on its own

Stuffed shirt. That joke was funnier before I typed it.

Surely there are more of us out there. I urge you: join the movement that’s taking the nation by storm! If you’ve transformed your wedding dress into a christening gown, First Communion dress, swimsuit, or other heirloom, I’d love to see it! You can email me the photos at dorianspeed @ and I’ll post them here (with credit and a link back to your blog, if you have one).

Won’t this be fun? And a great way for me to further procrastinate?

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  1. Amy Giglio says

    My stepmom has already agreed to take this on in 2 years when my older daughter makes her first communion. Cant wait to see everyones pictures!

  2. scotch meg says

    Wish I had thought of this! My wedding dress (which I made… long story) sits in a closet. I’ll have to turn it into a First Communion dress if I have a petite granddaughter. The tall ones can have the one I got their mother/aunt (my daughters) for free from Talbot’s (long story, too). The baptismal gown is an heirloom from my mother-in-law’s godmother, and now that there are no Catholic cousins (another long story), I expect my grandchildren will get to use it. So… the wedding dress sits in a closet.

  3. says

    I am a sentimental schmuck. The day my daughter told me that she wants to wear my wedding dress as a wedding dress in her own wedding was the day I had it kryogenically frozen and put under the guard of 7 angry wolves!

    • says

      I’m super-sentimental, too! But I highly doubt my daughter would have worn my dress. If present trends continue, it would require a good bit of taking in for her to wear, and that just seems like an emotional minefield waiting to be detonated. Plus, my dress had some big splotches on the train that I’m pretty sure wouldn’t have come out.

      I’d had the idea in the back of my mind but my mother-in-law was the one who suggested it, which made me feel good because she’s an excellent seamstress and seemed to have confidence I could actually pull this off. (WITH HER HELP, of course, although perhaps she did not realize it when she made the suggestion.)

  4. says

    I think this is a brilliant idea. My wedding dress sits in a closet and my girls inherited their height from my 6’4″ husband and my dress didn’t/won’t fit either one of them for a wedding dress. You are doing a wonderful job – 5 days is plenty for that little punch list!

  5. says

    I appreciate the kind words. I’m now quite taken with the idea of a swimsuit made from a wedding dress. I still have a bridesmaid dress shoved in the back of my closet that I wore when I was 8 months pregnant with my third child. I’m hoping I never have occasion to wear that again. Might be time to call my husband’s aunt.

  6. says

    This is awesome! I just made my daughter’s communion dress, albeit not out of my own wedding dress. That is inspired! You can do it! She will be beautiful!

    That’s a great picture of it standing upright. I think I might have used the same pattern…your sleeves look awesome! I couldn’t handle all the ease and gathered them a bit on top.

    I have pictures on my blog, if you’d like to take a peek!

    Can’t wait to see it all done!

  7. scotch meg says

    If I have counted correctly, today’s the day. Congratulations on your daughter’s First Eucharist!