Houston Catholic New Media Meetup! - Getting together Catholic bloggers, podcasters, Twitterers, and more

Are you in the Houston metro area? I live in Houston, too! Well, no, apparently, I don’t, according to people who are actually from Houston, but I feel that Missouri City is close enough to the city that I can claim to live…”outside Houston.”

Anyway, let’s meet up. Here’s an open invitation to all Houston-area Catholic bloggers, podcasters, Tweeters, videobloggers, Instagrammarians, and whatnot. I thought it would be fun to get together once a month, initially just for social purposes but perhaps eventually for The Greater Good.

Here’s a pope quote:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I ask you to introduce into the culture of this new environment of communications and information technology the values on which you have built your lives. In the early life of the Church, the great Apostles and their disciples brought the Good News of Jesus to the Greek and Roman world. Just as, at that time, a fruitful evangelization required that careful attention be given to understanding the culture and customs of those pagan peoples so that the truth of the gospel would touch their hearts and minds, so also today, the proclamation of Christ in the world of new technologies requires a profound knowledge of this world if the technologies are to serve our mission adequately. It falls, in particular, to young people, who have an almost spontaneous affinity for the new means of communication, to take on the responsibility for the evangelization of this “digital continent”. Be sure to announce the Gospel to your contemporaries with enthusiasm.
Message of the Holy Father Benedict XVI for the 43rd World Communications Day

You absolutely cannot argue with this proposition, now that I have tossed out a pope quote.

SO – what day works for you? I made a form. I like to make forms. I also didn’t list days when I can’t go, because…I am the one who made the form. Having said that, if you want to be involved but NONE of these times work, let me know.

My Internet Friend GeekLady has suggested that our first meeting should take place at Freebirds (here’s the location.). Sounds good to me – looks kind of centrally located, and they have a cool website.

Please spread the word! And stay tuned for more exciting information…

Houston Catholic New Media Meetup

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    Lots of responses so far – I should, perhaps, have added “leave a comment” or something along those lines, so it would be clear that I am not the only one coming to the meetup…

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    Keep us posted on how your first meet-up goes. A small group of #cathmedia folks in Des Moines discussed doing something similar after attending the 2011 CNMC. We just need to get it scheduled, too. Have fun!