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No, not news about THIS site…

Check out these two sites from bloggers you probably know and love already.

Rachel Balducci is one of those bloggers I used to read Back in the Day, you know? Back when her site was on Blogger and looked a li’l somethin’ like this:

Old School Testosterhome

It was the 2000's. Times were CRAZY.

Isabel commands you to come visit her mom's site

She’s had a few other designs since then, but what really prompted her new look was her desire to move from Blogger to WordPress. We played off of the vintage/silhouette-y look of her most recent design, and came up with this design for the new

Fun fact: Those are RACHEL’S KIDS in the silhouettes! Please go check it out, and if you see any broken links lurking in the shadows, have faith. The journey from Blogger to WordPress is a perilous one, indeed…


Next up: Now, you want to talk about Back in the Day? Amy Welborn is the original Catholic blogger extraordinaire. When she decided to start a new adventure – journey, if you will – in travel-blogging, I was honored to be part of the process. Amy worked with Elisabeth Engelhart to create this fabulous header image:
Isn’t that just PERFECT? Did you see the boys peeking out from behind the sign? Love it. And that was the inspiration for the design of her new site: Booked.

Booked travel blog

Booked: A Travel Blog

If you or a loved one suffer from Website Envy Syndrome, maybe I can help. You can browse my portfolio at my newish business,Convolare Design Services, if you’d like. I build WordPress sites using the Genesis Framework from StudioPress and I also do custom Facebook pages and Blogger design.

“Convolare” is Italian for something like “speed together” – GET IT? It’s okay if you pronounce it “convoLAIR.” I live in South Texas. I get that a lot…

Thanks to both of these ladies for the honor of working with you!

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  1. says

    “Convolare” is Italian for something like “speed together” – GET IT?”

    Huh? Anyway, is convolare, to fly together, an Italian word? or did you artfully confect it for your own purposes?

    “Website Envy Syndrome”

    Hey I envy the masculine, Dragnet look of Drudgereport. Maybe that spare, manly graphic would up my hits.

  2. says

    Um, it is an Italian word that means “fly together,” but somehow back when I was dreaming up the name, I found Internet evidence that supported my pun…

    • Dorian Speed says

      Thank you, Dawn! I appreciate that, particularly from someone “in the industry.”

  3. says

    convolare … con (with), volare (to fly)

    so, together in flight or, flying together. .. beautiful (are you italian?)

    anyway, i’ve been tempted to do the switch to wordpress, but i need to summon the courage …

    have a blessed weekend!

  4. Cubeland Mystic says

    Hi Dorian

    Would you mind having a conversation with me via email about catechism resources for my kids? Please ping me if you can spare a moment at my email. Thx.