Take the Cake(s)

We’re all about efficiency in this household, so several of us share birthdays. Yesterday, we had two birthdays: one for a 40-year-old, and one for a person who wore a pink Birthday Princess button all day long.

We celebrated by procuring cakes in every way possible.

Chocolate buttermilk cake

Grandma is great! Gives us the chocolate cake!

CAKE 1: Chocolate buttermilk. Homemade by Grandma; imported from San Antonio. A nice, midday brunch kind of cake. In the event that you’d skipped breakfast, this cake would be the perfect start to your day.

CAKE 2: Ordered from Longleaf Coffee Company. Red velvet, buttercream frosting.

The Speed family is forever nostalgic for the original recipe enjoyed in my husband’s youth, and there are perennial discussions of whether or not a certain recipe is, in fact, the Platonic ideal of Red Velvet Cake. Supposedly, somewhere in the mid-90’s, something changed about the ingredients – whether it was the butter, or the milk, or something else, the original recipe stopped working correctly.

I think my husband actually has a passable recipe somewhere, but I’m just not getting involved. I ordered out and delivered it to his office.

Curiously, he did not feel like having a heaping helping of cake 30 minutes after having a heaping helping of other cake.

Less curiously, the children did. (“MINE!”)

Cookie cake

Cookie cookie cookie starts with "C." As does "cake." Also, "Chocolate," "carbs," and "contentment."

CAKE 3: Mommy felt vague guilt about not having provided a cake especially for the pink princess, so I made this cookie cake to take to choir practice. Look, I don’t know if cookie cake is your thing, but if it is: you need never order from the mall again. This is all the cookie goodness you’re searching for.

CAKE 4: Then, they were having a Valentine’s party for CCD, and I wasn’t sure if the cookie cake would turn out or not, so I stocked up on some store-bought cupcakes, just in case. They were enjoyed by all, including my daughter, whom I forced to eat a chicken nugget at some point during the day just so we could say she’d had a bit of protein to complement her carb-a-palooza.

This weekend, though, it’s going to be off the chain. It’s time for the father-son Cub Scouts cake competition, and the Speeds are In It To Win It. I’m just within earshot of the proceedings, but I know there have been schematics drawn up. Cake pops plotted. Pans examined for breadth and ease of transport. Ovens calibrated. After a poor showing last year, it’s all aboard the comeback train, and it’s my understanding that the entire weekend is going to be devoted to the construction of an epic cake adventure.

Anyone up for a wheatgrass cleanse next week?

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  1. Dawn Farias says

    “but I’m just not getting involved”

    Smart woman.

    I love this entire post. Every.single.word. Thank you for Making My Midday.

  2. scotch meg says

    At least you got them over with all on the same day. We are mostly post-birthday now (my husband doesn’t do birthday, and the older kids mostly copy him), but back in the day…
    1st birthday on the day of birthday
    2nd birthday on the day of party
    3rd birthday on the weekend day when we could all eat together
    and sometimes
    4th birthday on the day the grandparents could make it…
    And I actually had to clean the house for #2 and #4!

  3. scotch meg says

    Oh, and I forgot cupcakes for school, because back in the days I am remembering, there was school, too.

  4. Barbara Yehl says

    Um, please give Grandma my address, and let her know that my b-day is this Thursday so she needs to get that oven preheated.